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Artfully Done

A Tasteful Icon and Graphics Community

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Welcome! You've reached artfully_done, an icon and graphics community. Feel free to look around!

Moderated by: charityj, zorrashan, shellyk, and aliah_carina

Want to link to us? Show your membership with pride? Put a button on your own LJ!

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We only ask that you upload the button to your own webspace so that we can continue to use our own to bring you icons. :) Photobucket is a great place to get started.

The rules are simple, really, and there aren't very many.

-Enjoy! There's no point or fun in having a community if you don't enjoy what we have to offer.

-Credit. You must give credit (either in the user info page or the keywords of your icons) for a couple of reasons. One, because it's the polite thing to do - the person who spent the time making the icon should receive the credit for it. Two, because it's one of the best ways to get other people to come to the community - if they like an icon that was made by a designer here, they'll want to look around the community for themselves. Thanks!

-Comment. Please, please comment. It helps us know that you are interested (and what you are interested in, exactly) and encourages us to create more. Please identify the number or file name you are taking when you comment, it makes things easier.

-NO HOTLINKING! To do so will ensure that we will have to take icons/graphics down and we'd rather have them stay up for everyone to use.

That's it! :D

Frequently Asked Questions:

-Can I use this icon/graphic in my journal?
Yes of course! Unless it's a personal icon or graphic (with a moderator's name on it) feel free to take anything!

-How can I find things easily?
Two ways:

You can look in the Memories (though please be aware that we don't really use this feature any more).

You can look by tag. They are categorized by subject matter as well as by who created it. We try to be detailed in our tagging so that you can find exactly what you're looking for quickly. A few quick links for you:

Master List of Tags
Charity's Graphics
Shelly's Graphics
Shannon's Graphics
Aliah's Graphics

-I have a request/idea!
The Request Thread is now closed. You may request personalizations of specific icons that we have made, provided that you do so within that post. Thank you for understanding! :)

-Can I have posting access?
Only the moderators are allowed posting access.

-I added you, add me back please!
If you added the community, thank you! It makes our hearts happy to see how many people enjoy what they find here enough to join. If you added a moderator as a friend on our personal journals, it's entirely up to that person whether or not they decide to add you back. Please respect their choices. :)